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As a college student, I learn something new EVERY day, but most of that stuff isn’t very interesting.  This is what I learned today that IS in fact interesting.  Today I learned that the following is in fact a grammatically correct sentence: “Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.”

If you don’t already believe everything you read on my blog, you might find yourself craving proof.  Check out this article by Chris Higgins over at Mental_Floss.  His argument is actually extremely convincing.  Check out some of the other articles at the site while you’re at it.  Mental_Floss is easily one of my favorite websites in existence.

But see, the TRULY funny reason for posting this article is an ode to poet Campbell McGrath, who I got the opportunity to hear at a poetry reading last night.  He read from his new book, which is actually an “epic” book length poem about a member of the Lewis and Clark expedition.  During the reading, he proceeded to say the word “buffalo” repeatedly for at least a solid minute.  I’m told the word actually takes up an entire page in the book, and so while the rest of the reading was extremely enjoyable, I found myself giggling and unable to be at all dignified during that part.

And so when I woke up this morning and in my Tuesday morning stupor read an article entirely about the word buffalo and how to make a sentence out of it, I pretty much lost it, literally almost peeing myself because of course I hadn’t gone to the bathroom yet.

So, check out Mental_Floss, and check out Campbell McGrath, he’s actually pretty cool as far as poets go.


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