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So as of today, I’ve now had all of my new classes at least once (except for the lab section of my Geology class that I will go to tomorrow) and I have to say, I’m really excited.  My schedule is mildly to moderately hectic, but I feel like I will genuinely enjoy a lot of my classes, which is an obvious plus.

In hopes of starting off my blog for the semester on the right foot, I have TWO actual topics to talk about…

First and foremost, I would like to apologize to anyone who read my first post about working at the ELCA National Youth Gathering who then sat there, salivating, waiting for daily updates only to find none.  This is explained fairly easily by the fact that my hotel, the Embassy Suites is owned by the Hilton Corporation.  I have had several pleasurable experiences with Hilton Hotels in the past few years, all of which have unfortunately been marred by one thing.  For whatever reason, the Hilton Corporation while wonderfully furnishing their rooms with huge flat screen TVs and luxurious bathrooms, does not provide its guests with free internet.  Apparently, the Hilton Corporation assumes that since its customers are already paying big bucks for their rooms (in this case, the customer being the ELCA, because I didn’t pay a cent) they’re willing to shell out the extra bucks ($10/day to be exact) for internet.  Meanwhile, the ever-luxurious (sarcasm) Super 8 Motel chain provides its customers with Wifi as part of the ridiculously cheap rates.  Shame on you Hilton for trying to charge travelers for what has almost industry wide become an included amenity.

With that being said, I did not shell out the money to get internet at my hotel and otherwise did not have time to find alternative internet access, and so you were left in the dark as to what was actually happening during my stay in New Orleans.  If you are still interested, just ask, I’ll tell you all about it.

Second thing of note would be my WONDERFUL experience in Morgantown traffic today.  While sitting at a stop light on Patteson Drive, I saw a Gold Pontiac pulling up beside me in the left lane, rolling down its window.  As the car drove past me, the two female occupants glared and gave me the classic one-finger salute.  What pains me is that I have NO clue who the heck they were, which could be perfectly understandable if I had otherwise done something completely boneheaded like cut someone off or just driven like an idiot, but I did no such thing, I was literally just sitting there, in traffic, minding my own business.

If by chance my friends in the gold car happen to read this, feel free to message me on facebook and get out the rest of your aggression and tell me what the heck I did to tick you off so much…

That’s all your getting out of me for now…  Adios amigos!


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