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“New” Media

My mother will appreciate this one….

Yesterday, in one of my geography classes, we were discussing our term papers, and our professor was talking about the wonders of being able to use the internet to read all the major newspaper in the world (and some of the not so major newspapers.)

Seeming to think this would prove his point, he started asking us what newspapers we read.  “The New York Times” said one student.  The professor insinuated that just a few years ago, that it wouldn’t be possible to read the Times in Morgantown without the help of the internet.  “Actually” said the student, “there’s a box at Towers where I pick it up when I want to read it.”

As we continued around the classroom, the names of major regional and national papers kept popping up: The Dominion Post, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Charleston Gazette, Washington Post.

The kicker?  Almost all of these students said that when they do read the news, they do so, with the paper itself in hand.  Newspapers may be declining in prominence, but they’re certainly not doing so without a fight.


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