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Sometimes my life is weird.

Some times I exaggerate the weirdness of my life.

But today, there is no exaggeration when I say I believe I witnessed some sort of crazy military convoy the other day…

Saturday morning, I was on Interstate 68, coming back from the Cheat Fest 5K.  As I was getting off 68 at the Pierpont Rd. exit, returning into Morgantown, I noticed a group of navy blue vehicles just ahead of me on the off-ramp.  Noticing that they were traveling together, I thought “that’s kinda cool” and pulled out my iPhone to snap some pictures.

At the back end of the convoy, you can see one of the trucks/trailers and an unmarked navy blue ambulance, both with government plates.

Thinking that this was possibly one of the Mine Safety & Health Administration’s federal mine rescue teams, I followed them into the gas station to get a better look:

The suburban at the front of the convoy. Look carefully and you’ll notice a brush guard on the front which had LEDs and a heavy duty winch mounted on it.

There were two of these trucks. Ford crew cab pickups with utilities bodies, each pulling large 20 foot+ box trailers.

So as I’m circling around the gas station, expecting to see some type of rescue personnel or coal miner-esque looking folks, I get a big surprise as guys in military uniforms start getting out of all the vehicles.

Close-up of the ambulance. While this could be used for anything, it definitely has the box lights that are a standard requirement for ambulances. Notice the soldiers outside.

As I’m pulling out, I notice LED warning lights and a siren speaker in the grill of the trucks with the trailers.

Look closely at the grill of this vehicle… Notice the four white spots above the FORD logo? Those are LED warning lights, like you’d find on an emergency vehicle.  There was also a siren speaker visible way back there.

All in all there was the suburban, two of the utility trucks pulling trailers and an ambulance, all unmarked with matching navy blue paint jobs, all with federal gov’t license plates, and all seemingly equipped with lights and sirens.  While I’d love to cook up some elaborate conspiracy theory, and while my imagination certainly has given me a few possibilities, I just can’t think of any reason for the military to be traveling around in unmarked non-military-looking vehicles equipped with lights & sirens.

In all honesty, I’m really kind of intrigued, so if someone DOES have an idea of what this might be, I’m all ears.  Either way, it’s pretty cool… Just really strange.

EDIT: I’ve gotten a lot of strange comments on this post, and something like 65 views today alone.  So, I figured it was important to clear up some misconceptions.

I’m a first responder and have had several opportunities to work with the fine gentlemen who operate these vehicles over the past two years.  And while I initially thought they were suspicious, I’m not aware of exactly what they are.  These vehicles belong to the West Virginia National Guard Civil Support Team, which is a national guard unit dealing specifically with Weapons of Mass Destruction.  If there were a WMD event, these would be the guys to respond, and additionally they do preparedness as well.  It’s not uncommon to see them operating at mass-gatherings such as sporting events and concerts.

So, it’s settled.  They’re not transporting aliens or anything of the like.  They’re just soldiers helping to keep the homefront safe.


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