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I’ve never really thought of myself as old-fashioned, in fact I’m normally one to embrace change at all costs.  I’ve been using Facebook since the beginning and not once have I whined about the various changes made to the site over the years, you just need to take it all in stride.  I bought an iPad over the summer, taking me beyond the idea of embracing change to becoming an “early adopter” actually making an effort to create change.  But like I said, I’ve never looked at the possibility of being old-fashioned at 20 years (and 358 days) old, that is until today.

It’s all because I went to the barber.  Not just any barber, I went to MY barber.  John’s Barber Shop in Delmont pretty much represents the archetypal small-town barber shop.  Walking in the front door off of Freeport St (Delmont’s main drag) you’re welcomed into a comfortable sitting area, half a dozen or so chairs with a few end tables spread throughout make up a waiting area, where one can browse through Sports Illustrated, Popular Mechanics, Field & Stream, etc.  Throughout the shop, one finds posters for local fundraisers, and an assortment of Penn State memorabilia.  Once in the chair, John is always engaging in conversation about your family and about other things of interest to locals.  John’s Barber Shop is a local institution.  Today, I opted to allow Dave, John’s son-in-law, who started working with him last year to cut my hair.  He did a good job, and I think he’ll carry on the tradition of a decent haircut with small town small talk when John retires.

So why is this important?  It’s important because I enjoy a good haircut, and for as long as I can remember, John has been the source of that.  Throughout my school years at home, waking up early on Saturday to get my hair cut at John’s once a month or so was part of the routine.  When I started working away from home over the summers, I would often get one last haircut right before leaving and then not get one until I could make it back home to patronize John.  In two and a half years at WVU, I have gotten my haircut on campus ONCE, opting more often than not to wait it out until I can get home and go to MY barber.

The thing that hit me as I sat in the chair today is that in all of my visits to John, I can count the number of times I’ve seen someone close to my age on one hand.  Am I old-fashioned for going to a barber, someone in my hometown who I know on a first-name basis and has been cutting my hair for as long as I can remember?  Should I instead be going to Supercuts or some other chain?

Furthermore, three of the things I am most passionate about in my life: music, volunteering and church seem to be dying among my generation.  If not dying, seriously morphing.  Call me old-fashioned (that certainly seems to be the theme of this post) but when I go to church, I enjoy singing hymns knowing that they’re the same hymns my ancestors sang.  Contemporary worship and music may help some connect with God, but for me it doesn’t really have any additional impact.  Furthermore, while I always enjoy receiving a free t-shirt or meal in exchange for volunteering my time, I do so to share my talents and to help the community.

I don’t know, I’m not trying to incite any arguments about change, I just think it’s interesting.  I’m 20 years old (for the next seven days) and things that I consider an institution in my life already seem to be going out of style.  If you think hard enough, I’m sure you can think of things in your own life too.

…Just something to think about.


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