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This is West Virginia.  Despite the fact that most of us have lived through snow every winter of our lives, we still freak out when the clouds become threatening.  And the world goes to hell in a handbasket when the white stuff starts to stick to the road.  It’s not just a West Virginia thing, people unecessarily freaked out back home in PA too.

It’s on nights like tonight that I really enjoy cuddling up to my nice warm bed and listening to public safety radio.  It’s interesting to notice the patterns of where the accidents are, and to hear the amusing gems that come across the radio every once and a while.  I present you this evening with three heard from the past several hours.

First interesting call came fairly early in the snowstorm.  Police were dispatched to investigate “vehicle into a structure.”  Structure, obviously, is a fancy word for “building.”  After a little while, the investigating officer cleared the scene, advising dispatch “No injuries, no vehicle damage, slight damage to shrubbery.”

Call number two wasn’t so much as a call as it was just something transmitted over the radio.  It came among a lot of other traffic, so if the person transmitting actually identified themselves (I’m really doubting they did) then I didn’t hear it.

So anyway, I’m sitting there, listening to accidents, minding my own business when I hear, very clearly:

“We purchased a six pack of cans. Busch Light. Busch… Light.”

That was it.  No further elaboration.  I’d say I’m concerned, but I’m not really.  Just amused and confused.

Final call came from a sheriffs deputy up in the parking lot of our local Walmart.  He was requesting the county dog warden to his location for a loose dog running around the Walmart & Sam’s Club parking lot.  What kind of dog you ask?

A Siberian Husky.

Can we talk about irony?  A Siberian Husky running around loose in a blizzard?

Stay classy West Virginia.


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