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I ended up going back down to West Virginia to participate in a search yesterday morning.  For as many happy endings as there are with search and rescue, there are always the ones that aren’t.  Charleston Daily Mail picked up the story, which you can read here. The man’s mother and step-father both took time to pause and wipe away their tears to thank us each individually before we headed home.  In these types of incidents where we can’t provide a happy ending, we can at least go home knowing that we provided some closure.

On a lighter, and only somewhat related note, I happened to stumble across this video from TED last night.  I promise my enjoyment of it has more to it than the fact that the speaker is a volunteer firefighter (in his turnout gear, no less) and that he in fact, has a really great message in his 5 minute talk.  Take a look at it.

His message is simple… You don’t have to be a hero, to fight fire or save lives to make a difference in your community, a simple act of kindness can do a world of good.


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