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So, for the past month I’ve been goofing off, trying to setup a different blog hosted on my own server, but have been having trouble with it.  So I think I’m going to stay on here for the time being.  Maybe I’ll be able to fix it, but for now I’m here.

In the meantime, I’m coming back from my semi-hiatus to write about this story in the news from Chicago.

Chicago Teen Impersonates Police Officer for a Day

Basically, this 14 year old kid, who got a police uniform from who knows where, walks into a police station, signs out a ticket book and portable radio, and get assigned a partner and patrol car.

He then proceeds to “work” five hours of his shift before a superior, or even his partner got suspicious and asked for his ID, which, not being an actual police officer, he didn’t have.

Since he’s only fourteen, they are only charging him as a juvenile (but still with the rather serious crime of impersonating a police officer).  This does however bring up a serious question of security.  If this 14 year old can obtain a uniform and social engineer his way into a patrol car, who knows what a terrorist who’s intents are more nefarious could achieve.  Luckily, Chicago Police are taking this “breach in security” very seriously.

But seriously?  This shouldn’t happen.


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