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With it being “dead week” in Morgantown, I’ve pulled a few all nighters over the past week, studying and finishing up assignments and projects.  On at least one of those nights, I made a run over to Sheetz to grab some late night snackage.  As a sidenote, Sheetz is one of the only places to get quality hot food at 3am on a weekday in this town.

I mention Sheetz however, not because of the great food, but because of what I saw that one night.  It was while I was at Sheetz that a Morgantown police officer came in to get coffee.  That night served as a stark reminder that our police officers, throughout the country, are out 24/7 to protect us.

At approximately 8:30pm on Sunday, December 6, 2009, Officer Michael Crawshaw of the Penn Hills Police Department was shot and killed in the line of duty.  At a time of the evening where most of the families in the region were settling down, Officer Crawshaw was working.  Being single, and without kids, he often took extra shifts, to give other officers more time with their families; but Mike Crawshaw still had  alot to live for.  Chief Tim Delaney of the University of Pittsburgh Police Department told the Tribune-Review, “He was an excellent officer, but he was a better person.  He was always smiling … no matter what was going on, he had a natural smile. His parents did a good job raising him.”

Officer Crawshaw showed up as requested for a domestic dispute and parked a few houses away, waiting for backup; backup that would be too late.  While waiting for additional units, a suspect left the house; Officer Crawshaw tried to confront him from within his vehicle, suspect Ronald Robinson responded by opening fire with his high-powered, semi-automatic rifle.

This is the second incident this year in the Pittsburgh area where officers were gunned down by criminals with assault weapons.  If anything ticks me off about this incident, it’s that.  How do these people get these guns?

I’m all for the for the second amendment.  I support hunting even though I don’t participate in it myself.  But there is no reason why anyone short of law enforcement and military needs an assault rifle, plain and simple.

So this weekend, as you sit down and relax, maybe enjoying your day off, take a moment to reflect on those who serve their communities, sometimes even putting their lives on the line 24/7, and pray for them, and pray for everyone who was ever touched by Michael Crawshaw, this will certainly be a hard holiday season for his family and friends.


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So, for the past month I’ve been goofing off, trying to setup a different blog hosted on my own server, but have been having trouble with it.  So I think I’m going to stay on here for the time being.  Maybe I’ll be able to fix it, but for now I’m here.

In the meantime, I’m coming back from my semi-hiatus to write about this story in the news from Chicago.

Chicago Teen Impersonates Police Officer for a Day

Basically, this 14 year old kid, who got a police uniform from who knows where, walks into a police station, signs out a ticket book and portable radio, and get assigned a partner and patrol car.

He then proceeds to “work” five hours of his shift before a superior, or even his partner got suspicious and asked for his ID, which, not being an actual police officer, he didn’t have.

Since he’s only fourteen, they are only charging him as a juvenile (but still with the rather serious crime of impersonating a police officer).  This does however bring up a serious question of security.  If this 14 year old can obtain a uniform and social engineer his way into a patrol car, who knows what a terrorist who’s intents are more nefarious could achieve.  Luckily, Chicago Police are taking this “breach in security” very seriously.

But seriously?  This shouldn’t happen.

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