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Time to move out.

It’s an inevitable process.

You move into your apartment, dorm or house with the exact amount of stuff you need.  Exactly one car load, perfectly packed, the right amount of clothes and everything you need to actually furnish it.

And then slowly but surely, it explodes.  A year’s worth of free (or mostly free) t-shirts, new DVDs, books, electronics etc and suddenly your room isn’t quite as tidy, won’t pack into as few boxes as it did when you moved in.

Maybe this means you need to plan on getting a storage unit, or another vehicle to help move, or to throw away stuff that may be perfectly good.

But why throw away things that are still useful?

The United Way of Monongalia & Preston Counties came up with a solution to this problem for college students several years ago with their Blue & Gold Mine sale.  All across campus and across town, they’ve set up storage containers, “Donation Stations.”  Simply take your unwanted items, whether it be clothes, furniture, electronics or what have you and drop it off at a donation station.  And then, the Saturday after graduation, they set it all up at the football stadium and have a massive garage sale of sorts, with all proceeds benefiting the United Way and their charitable projects.

I personally dropped off a mini shelf that I haven’t ever really used and my annual t-shirt purge (fifteen t-shirts) yesterday and encourage you to do the same.

So, if you’re movin’ out and need to get rid of stuff, and are interested in supporting a good cause, consider taking it to one of the donation stations.


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