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Once again, I’ve failed at the PostAWeek Challenge, but those of you who have been following along will attest to the fact that I actually have been blogging more regularly, so that’s a good thing. ¬†I’ll go into a bit more depth about a few of the things going on in my life and in Morgantown in another post, BUT…

I wanted to take 30 seconds to promote my new blog, Jono the Lutheran. ¬†Basically, I wanted a way to keep folks at my home church and here in Morgantown updated about what’s going on with my internship, and what’s going on with me wanting to be a Pastor, but I didn’t want them to have to wade through the type of random stuff I post here, nor did I want you to have to read through regular updates about my church on here, unless of course you’d like to read them.

Regardless, my new blog, which is all about me, my internship, my wanting to be a Pastor, etc. is called Jono the Lutheran and you can read it at: http://www.LutheranJono.wordpress.com


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