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To say that I am tired right now would be a gross understatement…

Saturday, I got up at 6am to drive about an hour Southeast of Morgantown to Preston County.  Friends of Cheat was holding their annual Cheat Fest, which includes a 5k race.  The Mountaineer Area Rescue Group provided on-course safety and communications.  It was fairly uneventful, I basically just sat on the road about half a mile into the course and radioed when the first and runners passed me and again when they passed coming back (it was an out and back course).  I say it was uneventful, which is a good thing.  In that type of situation (where we were also responsible for first-aid until an ambulance could arrive) being bored because nothing happens is a good.

After Cheat Fest I drove to Pittsburgh in preparation for the Dick’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon, which was actually today, but I had to pick up my volunteer information.  I served as an amateur radio operator providing communications between shuttle busses running the course.  I won’t comment on specific things, but I think that when people sit down and reflect on the event there will be a lot of things to improve on; not only from the amateur radio coordinators, but also the event coordinators themselves.  I won’t say much more, but I’m sure if you look around on Google, you’re bound to find some blogs complaining about some of the issues that we had.

The good news is that most of the problems are fixable, and if Dick’s Sporting Goods continues to sponsor the race Pittsburgh will have a truly awesome marathon within a few short years.

The bad news is that after getting up at 4:30 to get into Pittsburgh on time and spending most of the day outside in the cold, I am completely whipped and ready for bed.

With that being said, my weekend break from all things academic is over and it’s time to hit the proverbial books.  I have two final exams on Wednesday and two more on Friday.  I plan to spend most of the intermediate time studying and packing.

Good luck to everyone who, like me, still has some time in school before they’re done for the summer.


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